DEODORANT                                                                                                           2.5 oz. container for $12.00
  • 100% pure and all natural
  • Absolutely NO Aluminum, Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, or Formaldehydes
    available in the following essential oil blends
    • Lavender, Sage & Frankincense
    • Tea Tree, Citronella, & Lemongrass
    • Basil, Lime & Siberian Fir 
    • Grapefruit, Cypress & Geranium
PAW PAD BUTTER                                                                                                       2 oz. container for $9.00
  • Made with 100% certified organic oils and butters. Apply to paw pads just before walking or playing. Don't worry if they happen to lick their paws, the butters and oils are all pet friendly. Plus the pad butter is left completely unscented - no need for essential or fragrance oils on our pets. They don't miss the scent, only we do :)
ROSE CLAY MASK                                                                                                                        8 oz. @ $20.00
Made with natural clays, luscious oils, colloidal oatmeal and 100% certified organic Rose and Geranium essential oils. This mask is designed for dry, mature skin. Pamper yourself just a little.
Made with 100% certified organic aloe vera, unrefined shea butter, and skin healing oils.  Exceptionally healing and cooling to sunburned skin. This lotion contains both lavender and peppermint essential oils.
Lotions are available in 4 oz. @ $8.00 and  16 oz. @ $17.00   The16 oz. size bottle comes with a pump top closure.
HAND BALM                                                                                           1.5 oz. metal tin container for $12.00
  • Made with 100% certified organic oils, butters and essential oils
SUNSCREEN                                                                                                                                  4 oz. @ $16.00
Made with coconut oil, zinc oxide and Lavender essential oil, helps to protect your outer layer from the sun.
INSECT REPELLENT LOTION                                                                                                  4 oz. for $14.00
  • FOR ADULTS - Made with 100% certified organic aloe vera, unrefined shea  butter and sweet almond and avocado oils, plus certified organic  essential oils to repel those pesky bugs.
  • FOR CHILDREN  under 10 years of age
SIGNATURE PERFUME                                                                                                           10 mL for $33.00
A beautiful blend of 100% certifed organic rose otto and sandalwood essential oils in a certified organic carrier oil. Comes in an easy to use roll on glass bottle.